WEN® Haircare


Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean presents WEN®, an industry-changing product line that excludes ordinary shampoo. What sets WEN® apart is its cleansing conditioner, a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair simultaneously. The cleansers include a perfect blend of special ingredients, including natural botanicals and herbs, and do not contain sodium laurel sulfate or harsh chemicals.

So dedicated is Dean to the belief that ordinary shampoo can be harmful to hair that he has not used ordinary shampoo on himself or his clients in 14 years. Though it’s a tough sell the first time he tells a client he will clean his or her hair with conditioner, Dean says they quickly understand. “Everyone thought I was having an early midlife crisis when I stopped using regular shampoo,” he says with a laugh. “But it’s funny, the most reluctant clients become the most loyal and dedicated.” And how did the name “WEN” come about? “In addition to it sounding like ‘Zen,’ the system is a completely reverse way of looking at cleansing the hair,” Chaz says. Thus, “WEN” is “NEW” spelled backwards.