Lenny Lieberman

Lenny Lieberman was the founder and CEO of Lieberman Productions, a San Francisco-based television marketing firm responsible for infomercial and spot creation for many of Guthy-Renker’s brands, both domestically and internationally. After Guthy-Renker acquired Lieberman Productions, Lenny served as President of Lieberman Prod’s and as Chief Creative Officer of Guthy-Renker until 2013.

Lenny has worked in partnership with co-founder Greg Renker since Guthy-Renker’s first projects in the late 1980s, and now oversees an in-house staff of writers, editors and direct response experts to produce a continuous supply of new programming to support Guthy-Renker’s brands. In 2008, Lieberman Productions became a wholly owned subsidiary of Guthy-Renker. Lenny is a shareholder in the Company and serves on the Board of Directors. He is a graduate of Stanford University, and a documentary filmmaker by trade.

Lenny is a shareholder in the company and serves on the Board of Directors.