Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we hear most often, with responses we hope you find helpful!

Q. Can I have ten minutes of your time, in person, to present my product to you?
A. Guthy|Renker LLC (“G|R”) is unable to take meetings as a first step in our evaluation process.

Q. Can I show you my product in person? I have a great presentation. You have to see it to believe it!
A. Believe us, we know the feeling! We pitch products all the time and we love to do it in person. However, because of the sheer quantity of submissions, it’s not practical to meet every person with an idea. However, we do carefully review the ideas we receive digitally. Please give us the benefit of the doubt that if your idea/product is a match for our company, we’ll contact you and request samples!

Q. How much does Guthy|Renker charge for an infomercial?
A. If we end up in a co-venture with you, we don’t charge you for an infomercial; that’s part of our investment in the business. We are not an “agency” or “production house” and do not take on outside clients the way other DRTV companies do.

Q. How are deals structured (i.e. how much do I get paid if I bring my product to you?)
A. While we understand your curiosity, it would be premature to discuss this before evaluating your product and determining our interest. All situations are unique and partnership deals are structured on a case-by-case basis.

Q. I want to send you my product submission, but first I need you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Does Guthy|Renker sign NDA’s?
A. We cannot commit to signing an NDA under every circumstance. We wish we could, as we might see more opportunities. Hopefully, you can tell us about your product or idea without an NDA, in a way in which you are comfortable yet spikes our interest and curiosity.

Q. Can I present my product to you over the phone?
A. Given the high volume of product submissions that Guthy|Renker receives, we are unable to take phone calls as a first step in our evaluation process. If your product is of interest, a Guthy|Renker representative will email you directly, and a follow-up phone call can be arranged.