Our truths.

What makes us the
best-kept secret behind
the beauty you love?
A unique combination of
four inimitable pillars that
unlock growth.

A start-up
culture with a
legacy of experience

We’re pioneers armed with
experience. We posses a nimble
life” philosophy, combined with
a track record
of scaling brands.
It’s this philosophy which imparts a
risk-taking POV as well as
a forward-
thinking “what’s next” mentality into
everything we do. The result?

Breakthrough solutions that deliver
you the best, the newest, the most

groundbreaking and game-changing
innovations. Beautiful, isn’t it?

jlo-beauty-hero jlo-beauty-hero

Jennifer Lopez

Founder, JLo Beauty®

jlo-beauty jlo-beauty

Built-in integrity
+ authenticity

We build brands with credible
experts solving real challenges
world-class formulas, breakthrough
technologies, clinically tested science

and unparalleled experience.
The outcome is more than skin deep:
Beauty you can
believe in, results
you can see, confidence you can
feel and loyalty that lasts.

mb-product mb-product
mb-doctor mb-doctor

Dr Sebagh, Anti-Aging Expert

Cindy Crawford, Founder


Our focus is clear: empathizing
and connecting with you. We’ve spent
decades seeking to understand
who you are and what you need.
Whether it’s
your unmet beauty
concerns, unsolved problems or the
“unfixable” issues keeping
you from
living your best, most beautiful life,
we infuse our insights into powerful,

live-better solutions that re-ignite
your confidence, joy and self-love.

ce-cream ce-cream

Jane Seymour

Brand Ambassador, Crépe Erase®

ce-product ce-product

DTC, it’s in
our DNA

By definition, direct-to-consumer
(DTC) marketing is a one-way street,
with one
party communicating at
the other. We think a little differently.
We believe in
engaging and interacting
with you (not talking at you). For
30 years, we’ve asked
and listened:
Does it work, can it be better,
does it change how you look and
This proven, ever-changing
playbook for potentiating brands gives
us the edge in
developing unique,
targeted products that turn your
beauty dreams into reality.

m-ourtruths-westmore d-ourtruths-westmore
m-ourtruths-wb d-ourtruths-wb

McKenzie Westmore

Founder and Developer, Westmore Beauty®